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There will be an instant boost in your wireless connectivity

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Posted on: 12/18/17

For this you need to replace your laptops PC card-based wireless network adaptor with a USB network adapter that has an external antenna.

The first thing that you need to do is to position your wireless router or wireless access point in a central location.

. If you are looking to improve the wireless connectivity of your computer then these tips might come handy to you. Even picking up the equipment from a single vendor helps you like some vendor offer you performance boost up equipments when you choose their hardware. If your wireless router is placed in an outside wall of your home then the signal might be weak on the other side of your home. The worse part is that you might lose connection in some parts of your home or entirely. Most of the routers do not allow you to make use of output power but you can make use of routers power. You need not have to worry because there are ways to improve it.If your PCs Window Operating System notifies you about a weak signal then it probably means that the connection is too slow or not as reliable as it should be. The closer the router to these obstructions the weaker will be the signals therefore you need to make sure to keep off these obstructions away from your way. You need to keep a note of one thing that laptops with built-in wireless networks has good receptive power and do need to have network adapters upgraded. You can go for a hi-gain aluminum fabrication antenna that focuses the wireless signal in one direction.

All these methods will you to boost the performance of your wireless network system. You can also add a wireless repeater as this helps to extend your network range without any cables. Sometimes your router can broadcast strong signal to your computer but the computer cannot revert back those signals to your router. If the router is placed near an outside wall of your house then half of the signal goes out of your house. As computer user you should know that the antenna supplied with your router is designed to be omni- directional which means that they broadcast signals in all directions.

The other method is to move the router off the floor and away from the walls and metal objects such as metal file cabinets. There will be an instant boost in your wireless connectivity. This will also be helpful in improving the overall wireless connectivity. You can always aim the signal in the direction you want. You only need to place your wireless repeater between your computer and wireless access point. Wireless network signals must be sent both to and from the computer. Now replace the wireless adapter of your computer. Usually metals, walls and floor interfere with your wireless connectivity. You can also change your wireless channel and reduce wireless interferences. This leads to wastage of routers power.

The next thing that you can do is to replace the antenna of your router.

The other important things that you need to do are the following. Try to place your wireless router in the central position of your home


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